That Cold Night

27th November, 2010


That cold winter night, how could I forget?

Every head turned to take a glance at you

Drop dead gorgeous, if you could be mine

A gal like you would sure have a lover

Of course, and I bet it was my friend Bob

When you talked to him, I thought it was over

We could be friends, I said, and came to chat

I only knew your first name and your church

But it happened; I was lost in the moment

Though you were shining, there was something more,

Since I'm not one to go for body alone

Driving home that night, on my mind you stayed

Two days passed and the feeling didn't subside

Bob told me you weren't his girl; I was shocked

I called a friend and searched for your digits

That first phone chat changed my life forever

We talked more, discovering common goals

When we chat, it's as, though I'm speaking to a mirror

Opposites attract? Is that what they say works?

I'm a guy and you're a gal, that's all that matters

Most people believe we are meant to be

Who could blame them? I totally agree

We have the same visions and share a faith

Things have sure warmed up since that cold night