Sounds on the court

27th November, 2010


"Clank." Off the backboard, the shot goes awry

"Tick, tick." Ten seconds were left on the clock

Sneakers squeak and we all hustle and try;

Panting in the lane, snatching at the rock

Ball drops into my hands, wouldn't you know

Cheers so loud we could barely even listen,

Down by twenty points just five minutes ago

"Pound, pound." I could feel my heart glisten

Here we are now just trailing by a deuce

The gasp in the crowd suggested some stress

"Bounce." I dribbled up court running loose

An easy lay-up, to miss would be a mess

Suddenly one yells: "Watch out for that tree!"

Distracted, I had to remain very calm,

So, I pulled up at the top of the key

The ball left my hand with a flick of my palm

Complete silence filled that gym with a wish

The horn sounded and then it was "swish"