Sonnet Twist: A parody of Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophel and Stella, Sonnet LII

25th November, 2010


Astrophel's desire is for lust not love

While he contests that Stella is his

Her eyes, her lips, her hips, say lust, do this

Since lust does show her off, and firmly prove

Astrophel says it's a title he approves

That Stella (0 gorgeous body!) she is

That sexy soul, held by her is great bliss

It's all about her touch, and all her moves

And therefore, her body and her nice face

Be lust's possession, in Stella he will

And desire claims its entire true place

Well, lust, since you have won such a thrill

Let Astrophel's lusty eyes have Stella

And they'll have a baby named Bella