Paint, Mr. Painter! - A Poem After Picture

27th November, 2010


The Mother - Part 1:

Oh my! How precious my baby is!

All that is mine will one day be his

His future one of a joy-filled life

Away from pain, and away from strife

Smooth is his soft and pale white skin

What lucky queen will he one day win?

I stare at his curly hair all day and night

And feed him until I know it's just right

Oh my! How precious my baby is!

One day he will guide his little sis

Oh painter, paint everything you can

Drawing such love makes you a great man

The Child - Part 2:

Here we go again, sucking on her breast

If I keep feeding, I will get fat

Come on mother, please give me a rest

You'll spoil me and make me a brat

And can't you put garments on me?

It's cold and the mercury is low

What if I freeze, or worse, have to pee?

No diaper to stop me when I go

And this artist must be from Venus

He depicts parts not meant to be viewed

Bare skin, a breast, and even a penis

The wits in his mind must be screwed