How 'Bout Them Aints

27th November, 2010


It's a big game tonight; The crowd goes wild

Jim screams with his wife and small child

ESPN has its mark on this game

Prime time exposure brings NOLA some fame

After kickoff and the next play of the match,

Aaron threw a pick when Dante' missed the catch

Peyton took the field with his blue and his white,

Tossed a pass for the first points of the night

To Ricky Williams, remember that name?

This one's a backup who never played a game

Seven nothing, fourteen nothing, twenty-one zip

Before long, the home team was smacked in the lip

They did manage ten points right before the break

But it took so long for them to come awake

The second half was much worse than before

Play by play, the Colts continued to score

Thirty-four, fourty-one, fourty-eight ten

Mad fans left because they knew who would win

Fifty-five to twenty-one was the final score

This game turned ugly and into a bore

By the end of the game, the Dome stood dead

Who Dats placed long brown bags on each head

We all came to see the New Orleans Saints

But we saw the renewing of the Aints